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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

Pat jinxed it. Rode outside, bragged about it, and now it is snowmageddon in the Northwest. 

In the mean time, a great talk with the voice of live events in cycling, Dave Towle. 

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Pat finally pays for the good stuff, and talks to the man in charge of bringing a classic back, Bart Bowen. 

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Short intro here... I know...

Pat talks with John Galloway (who's accent is far better than his boring Northwestern US one) of The Velocast. Just about all elements of the cycling industry are covered. 


No, really. 

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Pat finally did it. To mixed reviews. Also, a return guest with a great perspective, Ian Boswell. 

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In studio, getting buried in the white stuff, and a great talk with Mountain Bike Godfather, Charlie Kelly. 

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Live from River City Brewing's Tap Room (insert sad face) for the last time, with Paul Main, Gage Stromberg, and Andrei Mylroie talking about getting through the off season without an IPA gut. 

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Packfiller LIVE from Spokane's own River City Brewing, from the bike shop's perspective. Guests included Chris Adreasen, Morgan Johnson, and Paul Main. 

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Pat moved the studio, again. Also, a talk with coaching legend, Chris Carmichael of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). 

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After two live shows, it is time to get back to the studio. A great talk with Tom Danielson of Cinch Cycling. Oh, and Pat's having a hard time training. #irony

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Live at Peddling Brewing Company in Seattle, with Frank Strack from Velominati, Carson Hedrick from Hedrick Cycles, and Erik Solberg from Castelli. They are hard to control, but worth the cat herding effort. 

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Off the chain. Packfiller is LIVE at River City Brewing in Spokane, Washington with smart asses Paul Main, Ted Chauvin (both previous guests) and Nigel Davies to talk roadie death, the Vuelta, and participate in Packfiller Trivia. 

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Nothing like toxic air in the Pacific Northwest to motivate another podcast episode. At last, the long promised show with Frank Strack, creator of, The Rules, and The Hardmen. 

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A great opportunity to speak with a pioneer of American cycling, Hall of Fame Inductee George Mount

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No. Not okay. 

I'm pissed. 

A great friend and passionate cyclist, Paul Main in studio to help me get through all of the drama of stage 4 of the 2017 Tour de France. 

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Pat's excited about the Classics, pissed about the coverage, and sad about the loss of a great one. To make up for it, a great talk with Mara Abbott. 

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Pat's midlife crisis comes to the forefront, along with his hatred for running. The good news is a great interview with Shonny Vanlandingham will make everything better. 

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What the hell is happening? Pat is actually talking about running, and road cycling is getting pushed out for 'everyone gets a trophy' mentalities. Ted Chauvin, long time friend of the podcast, in studio to decide the fate. 

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Pat in studio with the one and only Mark Hodgson to talk up the new year, set some goals, rant about online commentary, and dream of new bikes. 

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Sometimes things just happen. Perhaps by coincidence, perhaps by something greater. Pat talks with downhill pro and personality plus, Amanda Batty. 

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Thanks for the caring emails, but Pat's not dead. He just came close. A Leadville tale, Mother Nature's revenge, and a talk with Steve Porino, the man on the moto (and on the slopes). 

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No, you downloaded the right episode. Mark is back in the studio to catch up on 'a few' things that have happened since the last show together. 

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Time to go racing, and Pat's a 'tad' nervous. Also, a talk with one of cycling's great innovators, Keith Bontrager. 

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Pat gets scared into action, and a talk with US sprinting legend, Ivan Dominguez.

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Pat actually compares Batman vs. Superman with the Tour de France. Also, a great talk with endurance legend, John Stamstad. 

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Pat did it, Frank almost did it, and a great talk with mountain bike machine, Carl Decker. 

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Is it just me, or is Pat too serious? Also, an interview with the Director of the Leadville 100, Josh Colley. 

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Pat went and did it, again. Also, a great interview with the nicest person to ever go faster than you, Alison Dunlap. 

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Pat thanks an old nemesis turned partner in crime, and sits down for the great storyteller, Gary Fisher. Oh, he also started some fad called "mountain biking"...

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Pat's got some problems, and isn't that why people podcast? To rant about simple crap? Also, a great talk with Jamie Paolinetti, a guy with the right engine, and a gift for making great cycling documentaries. 

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Pat catches himself complaining about the little things, and has a great talk with Bicycle Law personified, Bob Mionske. 

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Pat needs to get out more, and a talk with the great Sean Kelly.

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Pat puts it plain and simple, and gets to talk with another cycling great, the first Australian wearer of the yellow jersey, Phil Anderson. 

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Pat's take on the pros and cons of adulthood, along with a great interview with Marty Jemison. 

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Pat speaks with cycling legend, Stephen Roche.

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Pat insults everyone intentionally, and talks with Jill Yesko, author, cyclist, and director of Tainted Blood about cycling's history of blood doping. 

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Pat is oddly upbeat, thanks to actual sunlight. Talks of dream teams, and a discussion on the state of the USAC and cycling in general with Phil Miller, official and Commissiare for the UCI. 

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Pat rants about forgiveness, and talks to Frank Strack, the creator of the best cycling site ever,

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Pat's falling apart, both mentally and physically, and a great talk with TWO TIME Hall of Famer, Ned Overend.


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Pat shares just a bit more. Sorry. TWO Jackholes of the Week for the price of one, and a talk with Don Walker, frame builder, and creator of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the best art show with beer, ever. 

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Two cycling legends for the price of one. Pat has a problem, which he shares, unfortunately, and then two great discussions with cyclocross Pro Ryan Trebon and MTB pioneer and immortal, Tinker Juarez. 

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Pat get's pissed on common courtesy, and a talk with David Amerland from, a source for FREE excellent training. 

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Pat has an announcement, that pretty much call him out on all of his BS. Also, a long time coming interview with the FIRST American to wear Yellow in Paris, Marianne Martin.

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Pat's discussion of his own shoddy goals, and a talk with someone with much higher ones, Ian Boswell of Team Sky. 

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Packfiller 2.0, if you will. 


Sorry if you'll never be back. We understand completely. 

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Pat and Mark in the 'studio' talking up apps, lack of motivation, and Presidential candidates. 

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Rants, bike talk, triathlon convincing, cheating in cycling, and a word to Critical Mass. Don't forget our 'gofundme'...


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Pat in studio barely able to speak, cause' of all the smoke. 

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ABM time. Short(er) and sweeter? Tommy D, Tour of Utah, and getting pissed on the menu.

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Pat pulling ABM to give you post Tour thoughts, answer questions, and share his fear of riding at night. 

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Announcer with THE Announcer

If you've been to a big race within the past decade (or more), you've heard this voice. Richard Fries, race announcer, advocate for cycling, and all around good guy. 


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Pat and Mark in the studio rehashing the trip through Mordor, I mean IM Coeur d' Alene 2015, and finding motivation to drink and run. 

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ABM, but here just the same. The Tour is upon us, so Pat gets his ass in the studio to give you uneducated, biased, opinion on the race. 

Oh, and he talks mountain bikes.

And running. 

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Pat and Mark in studio on National Beer Day, talking up stagnation in cycling, the classics, and mental health. Oh, and Pat finally rants on Strava cheaters. 

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Pat and Mark, in studio, basically trying to lose every single listener. 

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Pat's back from the Tour of Sufferlandria to answer your questions in a long, drawn out manner. 

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OK, so schedules were tough, but where better than the second half of the 2015 ToS to get great advice from a coach of the best, and designer of several of your worst nightmares. Sir Neal Henderson is here to get us through the Tour of Sufferlandria. 

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That's right, as the video name says it, IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. By now, you will be praying for a quick death. No such luck. 

Sir Matt Simmons will get you through. 

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Oh dear... This one isn't funny. The stage, that is. If you've made it this far, I have no words that can express the suffering you are in for now. 

Perhaps Dame Liz Johns can find them.

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If you've made it this far, I'd love to say relax. But I can't. It is time to get tough, with Dame Stephanie Stevens and The Rookie. 

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That's right, Sir Pat is going solo, with plenty of sarcasm as a side dish. Stage 3 of the ToS is dissected for your riding pleasure!

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And the hits just keep on coming...

Sir Andrew has a great insight into Sufferlandria. Come listen as he prepares us for Local Hero, Stage 6 of the 2015 ToS.

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Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 5

Continuing through the Tour of Sufferlandria audio race bible, with Stage 5, Angels, with Sir Buzz Vickery. 

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Our audio Race Bible continues. For Stage 4, we travel to Montreal to gain insight into 9 Hammers with Sir Jared McLintock. We also pull back the curtain a bit to see the true torture behind Sufferfest Studios. 

It ain't pretty, people. 

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Continuing the audio race bible for the 2015 ToS, Sir David Triska is on the show to give you some perspective into true suffering, and how to get through Blender.

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Here we go! The 2015 ToS is upon us, and who better to kick things off than Sir David McQuillen, creator of The Sufferfest. Get a Tour preview, insight into the stages, and some great advice on how to get through the toughest tour of a ficticious contry ever presented!

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Pat and Mark(!) in studio rounding out the year with predictions, summaries, promises, and the excuse to buy one more bike. 

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Pat's in the new studio, a bit giddy, with Sir David McQuillen of Sufferlandrian fame. David is on Skype to talk about some great new things happening with the long time friend of the podcast, The Sufferfest. 

Get ready, we've got an exclusive!!

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Pat and Mark in a studio, of sorts, talking about riding, running, and why crack isn't powder. 



Direct download: PF_Podcast_8-21-14.mp3
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The Tour's over, ABM, and no studio. 


Now I'm depressed. 


Post Tour show, Pat recaps the top things he learned this year, along with a rant on crappy customer service. 

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Apparently, keeping the rubber side down is a challenge for everyone, not just 'average' cyclists. Pat in, get this, his dining room on a hot day talking the Tour 14's first week. 

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Pat's kicked out of the studio. No, really. 


Got plenty of opinions, still. 

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Just when you thought Pat was destined to stay alone forever, MARK SHOWS!!


It's been too long, but it was worth the wait. Get motivated.

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Pat's contemplating his fitness, the great Velominati, and the art of being a douchebag.

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Pat talks up the dumbest thing he has ever done, ranks the classics, and vents on junk miles.

Direct download: PF_Podcast_3-24-14.mp3
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Pat in the studio, talking about his insane self induced challenges, and the messed up sociological experiment that is the modern day health club.

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Stupid technology. Due to the show recorded on 1/2 sounding like complete crap, all we have of Mark is the rant. Which although a static element here and there, kind of like an old radio show, still epic.

Oh, and Pat has an announcement. 


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This is truly a Specialized podcast episode. It will make you want to jump up and say "Allez!" all over the tarmac. 

Get it? 

Frank the Great from Velominati, along with Dan Richter of Cafe Roubaix are on the show to talk about the fine art of corporate bullying, along with the Reconcilliation Tour de Lance, and a good old round of Rapid Fire Response. 

Direct download: Packfiller_Podcast_12-8-13.mp3
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Pat talks about his problems... Cornering in cyclocross, and hoarding bikes. Please stand by as he vents.

Direct download: PF_11-10-13.mp3
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Pat in the now new genre of ABM podcasting. Listen, you'll get it.

Oh, and he can't stop bashing on the color runners...

Direct download: PF_Podcast_10-14-13.mp3
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Pat and Mark, together again, talking the evils of sugar, and attempting to become indoor cycling instructors.

Direct download: Packfiller_Podcast_8-21.mp3
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Pat is all alone, sad as it may seem.

To LBS or not, that is the question. When buying online is a good idea. 

And a little baseball rant thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and some long ass miles ahead for me (Pat).

Direct download: PF_Podcast_8-7.mp3
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It is time. 

Pat in studio with Frank taking on the 2013 Tour. Predictions, fears, and trying to figure out which way to ride the Alpe d' Huez are just a sampling of the topics covered. Place your bets! 

Direct download: PF_TDF_Preview_13.mp3
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Pat and Mark in studio (how's that for consistency??) talking about the events that transpired, alternatives to cycling (huh?) and Pat's lack of regrets.

Direct download: PF_Podcast_6-20-13.mp3
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Ahhh, the circle is complete, young Padawan. Frank Strack, founder of, returns to discuss The Rules, The Cyclist's Bible, and a little retro feel.

Direct download: PF_Podcast_6-10-13.mp3
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Don't blame the Mayans. Pat and Mark have been racing in the dirt, and for that, we are sorry.

Oh, and Pat has a problem with money.

Direct download: PF_Podcast_6-4.mp3
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Pat and Mark stop ASSuming and go to the source. Three women's cycling perspectives, Jenni Gaertner, Allison Beall, and Michelle Bulger provide a look into the sport, where it is heading, and how to get there.

Direct download: PF_4-4-13.mp3
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Spring is in the air, and it's time for new promises, and some old stories... Oh, and we predict the Classics.

Direct download: PF_Podcast_3-28-13.mp3
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If you want to know where we're going, you need to know where we've been. On the line, Bill Humphreys, author of The Jersey Project, pioneer of the sport in the US, and a great perspective on cycling.

Direct download: PF-_Bill_the_Bike_Guy.mp3
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Pat and Mark in studio talking about the one thing that can save cycling... Women's racing. 

By no means are we experts, don't forget that. 


Direct download: PF_3-14.mp3
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Pat and Mark hit the road to the River City Brewing Company to talk cycling and beer (what else?) with Gage Stromberg, the owner of River City, and riders from the River City Cycling Team. 

One of them has it in for Mark. Might come to blows...

Direct download: PF_Podcast_River_City2.mp3
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I've been looking forward to this one. A great interview with the one and only Steve Bauer, the man who has done more for Canada than Alan Thicke, Michael J. Fox, and even Wayne Gretzky (in my mind, at least).


Direct download: Packfiller_Steve_Bauer.mp3
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Pat and Mark in the studio, making promises soon forgotten, talking about dumb cycling inventions, and ranting (yet again)!

Direct download: PF_2-22-13.mp3
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Yes, the ToS is over. Don't cry. Get motivated again with the Co Founder of TrainerRoad, Nate Pearson. 

Direct download: ToS_Recap.mp3
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Pat and Mark clear the air. The last show to talk about the Oprahpocalypse? Probably.

The best? Aw, hell yes.

Direct download: Packfiller_Podcast_1-24-13.mp3
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It is time. MINIONS UNITE!!!

The 2013 Tour of Sufferlandria is here. Think you are up for it? 

Get your videos in order (along with your affairs, should anything go wrong), and prepare yourself for nine days of true, unhampered suffering. 

We couldn't get the race director, but we figured the creator of The Sufferfest, David McQuillen, would suffice. 

Direct download: Tour_Of_Sufferlandria_Preview.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:11pm PST

What more could you ask for, cycling, triathlon, gear reviews, and a brief history of Meth.

You're welcome.

Direct download: PF_1313.mp3
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Pat and Mark in the studio, with a visual aid. 

And a grumpy grudge. 

Direct download: PF_12-20-12.mp3
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That's right, the 50th show is here. 

Pat and Mark talking up LeMond, the need to train, and maintaining complete focus thanks to the newest in PEDs.... 

Direct download: Packfiller_Podcast_12-10.mp3
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Three opinionated bike racers for the price of two! Special in studio guest to talk about the status of USAC, UCI, and the horrid tendency of going sleeveless with arm warmers.

Sorry about the phone. Pat forgot. 

Direct download: PF_-_11-7.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:42pm PST

Wait... there's an elephant in the room?!? 

Pat and Mark talk about "it" and get it over with. If you don't know what "it" is, you either aren't a cyclist, or you live under a huge friggin' rock.

Sorry Lance. We had to.

Direct download: PF_10-23.mp3
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That just about says it all. A lot of stuff covered in a short time. Get ready.

Direct download: pf_10-5.mp3
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This one was a long time coming, but worth the wait. 1984 Olympic GOLD medalist and personality plus, Alexi Grewal is on the line to talk about the past, present, and future of the sport of cycling.

Direct download: PF_9-14.mp3
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Yep. Pat and Mark contribute their thoughts on the status of Lord Voldemort (L.A. that is) and the USADA 'study' goings on. We also make a call...

Direct download: PF_8-30.mp3
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Pat and Mark in the studio making the decisions that everyone is afraid to make.

Direct download: PF_8-2.mp3
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Pat and Mark in studio sweating out the details of the 2012 Tour. Also on the table, the Olympics, Pat's driver's license, and Mark ranting before the rant.

Direct download: PF_7-19.mp3
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From, our newest podcast. A recap and discussion with Todd Gogulski.

Direct download: ACT_1.mp3
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It's all about respect, people. Today's topic, how to piss off a race director to the point of quitting. 

Direct download: PF_6-19.mp3
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Pat and Mark are back after a short haitus. Pat's fault. 

But Mark get's the last word...

Direct download: PF_Podcast_5-29-12.mp3
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Pat and Mark outside for this one. The weather was just too good. Unfortunately, the beer was not.

Direct download: PF_4-23.mp3
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Pat in studio with Frank Strack, the guru behind, who is ACTUALLY AT THE FRIGGIN' CLASSICS right now, drinking beer, riding cobbles, and cheering like a true Flandrian. Except he's Dutch.

Get your votes in on Paris Roubaix at

Direct download: PF_Podcast_4-5.mp3
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The show is rolling along about Pat's inability to train, Mark's inability to sympathize with Pat, and a discussion on cross training, and then, a caller comes along...

Direct download: PF_show_3.22.mp3
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A hell of a lot to get into one podcast... Really. 

Pat and Mark get down to the elephant in the room - Junior racing, with enough in between to kill, well, something!

Direct download: Packfiller_Podcast_3-8.mp3
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Six more signs to the apocalypse. Oh, and we talk about training as old guys, believing that 40 is the new 30.

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A great interview with cyclist turned commentator, Todd Gogulski.

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So, we recorded on the night of the state of the union. Get it? We talked about training, over and, um, under. All in studio, with no Snowpocalypse to worry about, this time...

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Pat and Mark in studio talking up the year that was, and what will be. Screw the Mayans, we're on a diet!

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Pat and Mark back in the studio, talking about their needs. Well, and a couple of other things like indoor training (yuck), challenging for next year, and a rant from Pat, to name but a few items...

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Packfiller podcast, without Mark. Hey, go easy on him, he's doing some pretty heavy charity work! Pat's flying solo, but with a gold mine of an interview with the great John Howard. If you don't know, you need to get yourself caught up on what made our sport so great, and what continues to do so. Listen. I dare you.

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Mark? For. Pat? Against. 

That's the status of the coaching concept, and this show takes aim at the need, desire, COST, of coaching. Oh, and we also talk up lame shop employees, junior racing, and Mark's best rant yet!

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Special episode here, Pat's flying solo, but not really. David McQuillen, the evil genius behind The Sufferfest, is in. If you don't know, you desperately need to.

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Mark and Pat exposing the beast. Time to talk about alcohol versus cycling/triathlon/um... just about every sport out there. Except baseball.

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The show starts off as great as usual, but this time takes a fun try turn...

Talking about swimming, trying to swim, off season sports, cyclocross, old school, and... then... Mark's poetry. Really.

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Pat and Mark in studio talking up the highs and lows of the cycling and triathlon season, and Mark approaching 5 signs to the apocalypse.

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Ok, so, the first fifteen minutes went bye bye due to a crappy technical glitch. The good news is that Pat and Mark then go on to a great show about cycling 'fatherhood', training, and bus drivers.

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Pat and Mark are in the studio, talking about, well, just about everything, including a list of what not to do, and do, as a newbie cyclist. 

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LIVE show from The Lantern Tavern in the South Perry District of Spokane. Special guest Jon Snyder, editor of Out There Magazine, and cycling friendly member of the Spokane City Council in to talk about our humble little villiage, and the ongoing battle to teach cycling/car peace...

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Pat an Mark in studio actually talking about cycling NEWS, for a bit, at least. 

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Pat and Mark in the studio discussing the highs and lows of the 2011 TdF, along with some time for a good old fashioned rant, a challenge, and the now regular Packfiller Commandment. 

Good stuff.

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Pat and Mark in 'studio' with special guest Dave Erickson of,, and just about any cool video covering Triathlon that's out there. We're talking up the differences between Tri and Cycling, and what can be learned from the experience, along with Pat's rant (again) on d-bags who don't follow the rules!

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Pat and Mark enjoying the outdoors, and talking up the first few days of the Tour 2011. Some surprise distractions, guests, and a couple of, well, drinking games...

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Ahhh, summer. Finally. Pat and Mark kicking back on the deck, talking the Tour de France, race direction, and Ironman CdA

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Mark is back in the Packfiller Mobile Studio, and this time, he's MARRIED! (Six more signs to the apocalypse)

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LMS time...

Pat talks about the problem. Or solution? Special guest appearance, from the master.

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This is it. Pat screwed up. Sorry about everything...

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Pat and Mark in the PMS (Packfiller Mobile Studio, bad luck on letter organization, eh?) talking up the pains of racing on a budget.

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Pat and Mark in studio bashing on fat Americans, and strangely enough, Packfiller.

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Ok, so the show actually was recorded on the 31st, put it was just to cheesy to pass up. Pat and Mark in studio getting ready for the season!

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Pat and Mark. St. Patrick's Day. What else is there to say?

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Welcome to the first edition of the Last Man Standing, with Patrick Bulger. This show is featuring the creator of THE RULES that everyone should know, understand, and obey. Trust me, listen.


You might laugh.

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This one time...

Pat and Mark in the studio talking about the fine car vs. bike moments in life, and how to deal with the JackHoles.

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Mark is WHAT?!? Some big news on the horizon, and Pat gets dark in his humor. 

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Two grumpy old men talking about how it was 'better in the old days' of cycling, tri, and even MTB. The show's theme is changes that have come to the sport(s). Good, bad, and especially ugly. Pat's kind of a hypocrite.

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Pat and Mark in studio talking up the evil practice known as winter training.  Careful, Mark says some naughty words. Pat kinda does too...

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Pat and Mark BACK IN THE STUDIO, talking up the past, and future year. Oh, and they may actually start some training...maybe.

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The art of getting dropped - Pat Cam

Video from my suffering moment(s)...

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Packfiller Podcast 12-29 with Timex's Chris Thomas

A great look into the idea that training is something that, get this, should take place YEAR ROUND?!?!

Two Timex triathletes involved while Pat tries to take notes on how to possibly get 'fast' again...

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12/17 With Andy Hampsten Patrick is back in the studio, with Timex Pro Roger Thompson. On the line, the great Andy Hampsten, the ONLY US winner of the Giro d' Italia.
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