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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

Pat and Mark in the studio, with a visual aid. 

And a grumpy grudge. 

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That's right, the 50th show is here. 

Pat and Mark talking up LeMond, the need to train, and maintaining complete focus thanks to the newest in PEDs.... 

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Three opinionated bike racers for the price of two! Special in studio guest to talk about the status of USAC, UCI, and the horrid tendency of going sleeveless with arm warmers.

Sorry about the phone. Pat forgot. 

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Wait... there's an elephant in the room?!? 

Pat and Mark talk about "it" and get it over with. If you don't know what "it" is, you either aren't a cyclist, or you live under a huge friggin' rock.

Sorry Lance. We had to.

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That just about says it all. A lot of stuff covered in a short time. Get ready.

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This one was a long time coming, but worth the wait. 1984 Olympic GOLD medalist and personality plus, Alexi Grewal is on the line to talk about the past, present, and future of the sport of cycling.

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Yep. Pat and Mark contribute their thoughts on the status of Lord Voldemort (L.A. that is) and the USADA 'study' goings on. We also make a call...

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Pat and Mark in the studio making the decisions that everyone is afraid to make.

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Pat and Mark in studio sweating out the details of the 2012 Tour. Also on the table, the Olympics, Pat's driver's license, and Mark ranting before the rant.

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From, our newest podcast. A recap and discussion with Todd Gogulski.

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It's all about respect, people. Today's topic, how to piss off a race director to the point of quitting. 

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Pat and Mark are back after a short haitus. Pat's fault. 

But Mark get's the last word...

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Pat and Mark outside for this one. The weather was just too good. Unfortunately, the beer was not.

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Pat in studio with Frank Strack, the guru behind, who is ACTUALLY AT THE FRIGGIN' CLASSICS right now, drinking beer, riding cobbles, and cheering like a true Flandrian. Except he's Dutch.

Get your votes in on Paris Roubaix at

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The show is rolling along about Pat's inability to train, Mark's inability to sympathize with Pat, and a discussion on cross training, and then, a caller comes along...

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A hell of a lot to get into one podcast... Really. 

Pat and Mark get down to the elephant in the room - Junior racing, with enough in between to kill, well, something!

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Six more signs to the apocalypse. Oh, and we talk about training as old guys, believing that 40 is the new 30.

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A great interview with cyclist turned commentator, Todd Gogulski.

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So, we recorded on the night of the state of the union. Get it? We talked about training, over and, um, under. All in studio, with no Snowpocalypse to worry about, this time...

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Pat and Mark in studio talking up the year that was, and what will be. Screw the Mayans, we're on a diet!

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