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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

This is truly a Specialized podcast episode. It will make you want to jump up and say "Allez!" all over the tarmac. 

Get it? 

Frank the Great from Velominati, along with Dan Richter of Cafe Roubaix are on the show to talk about the fine art of corporate bullying, along with the Reconcilliation Tour de Lance, and a good old round of Rapid Fire Response. 

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Pat talks about his problems... Cornering in cyclocross, and hoarding bikes. Please stand by as he vents.

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Pat in the now new genre of ABM podcasting. Listen, you'll get it.

Oh, and he can't stop bashing on the color runners...

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Pat and Mark, together again, talking the evils of sugar, and attempting to become indoor cycling instructors.

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Pat is all alone, sad as it may seem.

To LBS or not, that is the question. When buying online is a good idea. 

And a little baseball rant thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and some long ass miles ahead for me (Pat).

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It is time. 

Pat in studio with Frank taking on the 2013 Tour. Predictions, fears, and trying to figure out which way to ride the Alpe d' Huez are just a sampling of the topics covered. Place your bets! 

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Pat and Mark in studio (how's that for consistency??) talking about the events that transpired, alternatives to cycling (huh?) and Pat's lack of regrets.

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Ahhh, the circle is complete, young Padawan. Frank Strack, founder of, returns to discuss The Rules, The Cyclist's Bible, and a little retro feel.

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Don't blame the Mayans. Pat and Mark have been racing in the dirt, and for that, we are sorry.

Oh, and Pat has a problem with money.

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Pat and Mark stop ASSuming and go to the source. Three women's cycling perspectives, Jenni Gaertner, Allison Beall, and Michelle Bulger provide a look into the sport, where it is heading, and how to get there.

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Spring is in the air, and it's time for new promises, and some old stories... Oh, and we predict the Classics.

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If you want to know where we're going, you need to know where we've been. On the line, Bill Humphreys, author of The Jersey Project, pioneer of the sport in the US, and a great perspective on cycling.

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Pat and Mark in studio talking about the one thing that can save cycling... Women's racing. 

By no means are we experts, don't forget that. 


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Pat and Mark hit the road to the River City Brewing Company to talk cycling and beer (what else?) with Gage Stromberg, the owner of River City, and riders from the River City Cycling Team. 

One of them has it in for Mark. Might come to blows...

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I've been looking forward to this one. A great interview with the one and only Steve Bauer, the man who has done more for Canada than Alan Thicke, Michael J. Fox, and even Wayne Gretzky (in my mind, at least).


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Pat and Mark in the studio, making promises soon forgotten, talking about dumb cycling inventions, and ranting (yet again)!

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Yes, the ToS is over. Don't cry. Get motivated again with the Co Founder of TrainerRoad, Nate Pearson. 

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Pat and Mark clear the air. The last show to talk about the Oprahpocalypse? Probably.

The best? Aw, hell yes.

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It is time. MINIONS UNITE!!!

The 2013 Tour of Sufferlandria is here. Think you are up for it? 

Get your videos in order (along with your affairs, should anything go wrong), and prepare yourself for nine days of true, unhampered suffering. 

We couldn't get the race director, but we figured the creator of The Sufferfest, David McQuillen, would suffice. 

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What more could you ask for, cycling, triathlon, gear reviews, and a brief history of Meth.

You're welcome.

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