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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

Pat and Mark clear the air. The last show to talk about the Oprahpocalypse? Probably.

The best? Aw, hell yes.

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It is time. MINIONS UNITE!!!

The 2013 Tour of Sufferlandria is here. Think you are up for it? 

Get your videos in order (along with your affairs, should anything go wrong), and prepare yourself for nine days of true, unhampered suffering. 

We couldn't get the race director, but we figured the creator of The Sufferfest, David McQuillen, would suffice. 

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What more could you ask for, cycling, triathlon, gear reviews, and a brief history of Meth.

You're welcome.

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