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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

Sometimes things just happen. Perhaps by coincidence, perhaps by something greater. Pat talks with downhill pro and personality plus, Amanda Batty. 

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Thanks for the caring emails, but Pat's not dead. He just came close. A Leadville tale, Mother Nature's revenge, and a talk with Steve Porino, the man on the moto (and on the slopes). 

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No, you downloaded the right episode. Mark is back in the studio to catch up on 'a few' things that have happened since the last show together. 

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Time to go racing, and Pat's a 'tad' nervous. Also, a talk with one of cycling's great innovators, Keith Bontrager. 

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Pat gets scared into action, and a talk with US sprinting legend, Ivan Dominguez.

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Pat actually compares Batman vs. Superman with the Tour de France. Also, a great talk with endurance legend, John Stamstad. 

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Pat did it, Frank almost did it, and a great talk with mountain bike machine, Carl Decker. 

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Is it just me, or is Pat too serious? Also, an interview with the Director of the Leadville 100, Josh Colley. 

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Pat went and did it, again. Also, a great interview with the nicest person to ever go faster than you, Alison Dunlap. 

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Pat thanks an old nemesis turned partner in crime, and sits down for the great storyteller, Gary Fisher. Oh, he also started some fad called "mountain biking"...

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Pat's got some problems, and isn't that why people podcast? To rant about simple crap? Also, a great talk with Jamie Paolinetti, a guy with the right engine, and a gift for making great cycling documentaries. 

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Pat catches himself complaining about the little things, and has a great talk with Bicycle Law personified, Bob Mionske. 

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Pat needs to get out more, and a talk with the great Sean Kelly.

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Pat puts it plain and simple, and gets to talk with another cycling great, the first Australian wearer of the yellow jersey, Phil Anderson. 

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Pat's take on the pros and cons of adulthood, along with a great interview with Marty Jemison. 

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Pat speaks with cycling legend, Stephen Roche.

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Pat insults everyone intentionally, and talks with Jill Yesko, author, cyclist, and director of Tainted Blood about cycling's history of blood doping. 

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Pat is oddly upbeat, thanks to actual sunlight. Talks of dream teams, and a discussion on the state of the USAC and cycling in general with Phil Miller, official and Commissiare for the UCI. 

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Pat rants about forgiveness, and talks to Frank Strack, the creator of the best cycling site ever,

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Pat's falling apart, both mentally and physically, and a great talk with TWO TIME Hall of Famer, Ned Overend.


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Pat shares just a bit more. Sorry. TWO Jackholes of the Week for the price of one, and a talk with Don Walker, frame builder, and creator of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the best art show with beer, ever. 

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Two cycling legends for the price of one. Pat has a problem, which he shares, unfortunately, and then two great discussions with cyclocross Pro Ryan Trebon and MTB pioneer and immortal, Tinker Juarez. 

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Pat get's pissed on common courtesy, and a talk with David Amerland from, a source for FREE excellent training. 

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Pat has an announcement, that pretty much call him out on all of his BS. Also, a long time coming interview with the FIRST American to wear Yellow in Paris, Marianne Martin.

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Pat's discussion of his own shoddy goals, and a talk with someone with much higher ones, Ian Boswell of Team Sky. 

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