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The place for any bad, or dumb ass who has ever straddled a top tube. News, commentary, and humor from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, duathlon, and road/trail running.

Pat insults everyone intentionally, and talks with Jill Yesko, author, cyclist, and director of Tainted Blood about cycling's history of blood doping. 

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Pat is oddly upbeat, thanks to actual sunlight. Talks of dream teams, and a discussion on the state of the USAC and cycling in general with Phil Miller, official and Commissiare for the UCI. 

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Pat rants about forgiveness, and talks to Frank Strack, the creator of the best cycling site ever,

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Pat's falling apart, both mentally and physically, and a great talk with TWO TIME Hall of Famer, Ned Overend.


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Pat shares just a bit more. Sorry. TWO Jackholes of the Week for the price of one, and a talk with Don Walker, frame builder, and creator of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the best art show with beer, ever. 

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