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In studio, getting buried in the white stuff, and a great talk with Mountain Bike Godfather, Charlie Kelly. 

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Live from River City Brewing's Tap Room (insert sad face) for the last time, with Paul Main, Gage Stromberg, and Andrei Mylroie talking about getting through the off season without an IPA gut. 

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Packfiller LIVE from Spokane's own River City Brewing, from the bike shop's perspective. Guests included Chris Adreasen, Morgan Johnson, and Paul Main. 

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Pat moved the studio, again. Also, a talk with coaching legend, Chris Carmichael of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). 

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After two live shows, it is time to get back to the studio. A great talk with Tom Danielson of Cinch Cycling. Oh, and Pat's having a hard time training. #irony

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Live at Peddling Brewing Company in Seattle, with Frank Strack from Velominati, Carson Hedrick from Hedrick Cycles, and Erik Solberg from Castelli. They are hard to control, but worth the cat herding effort. 

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Off the chain. Packfiller is LIVE at River City Brewing in Spokane, Washington with smart asses Paul Main, Ted Chauvin (both previous guests) and Nigel Davies to talk roadie death, the Vuelta, and participate in Packfiller Trivia. 

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Nothing like toxic air in the Pacific Northwest to motivate another podcast episode. At last, the long promised show with Frank Strack, creator of, The Rules, and The Hardmen. 

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A great opportunity to speak with a pioneer of American cycling, Hall of Fame Inductee George Mount

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No. Not okay. 

I'm pissed. 

A great friend and passionate cyclist, Paul Main in studio to help me get through all of the drama of stage 4 of the 2017 Tour de France. 

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Pat's excited about the Classics, pissed about the coverage, and sad about the loss of a great one. To make up for it, a great talk with Mara Abbott. 

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Pat's midlife crisis comes to the forefront, along with his hatred for running. The good news is a great interview with Shonny Vanlandingham will make everything better. 

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What the hell is happening? Pat is actually talking about running, and road cycling is getting pushed out for 'everyone gets a trophy' mentalities. Ted Chauvin, long time friend of the podcast, in studio to decide the fate. 

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Pat in studio with the one and only Mark Hodgson to talk up the new year, set some goals, rant about online commentary, and dream of new bikes. 

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