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These boys are tired. I'm calling it. 

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Yeah... so. Sometimes I should just shut the heck up. I know, I teased a friend on the show, but, well, life gets in the way. 

So, I give you, an interview with myself. 

By the way, the race is getting serious. 

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Just when I think everything is in order, the weekend goes all haywire. Tour de France catch up before the Alps, and a rant on being nice. 

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Now we are bike racing. A quick update in the car. This is far from over. 

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It takes a big man to admit he was wrong. I am a big man. 

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Perhaps earpieces are mind control devices. All I know is, something wrong is going on tactically...

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A great opportunity to speak with a pioneer of American cycling, Hall of Fame Inductee George Mount

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I'm still shaking. So much going on today. Things might be a bit frantic today, as the update was recorded immediately after the broadcast, with little show prep prior. I had to get this off my chest. Explicit rating earned here. 

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Spoiler free! No need to hit pause. 

A shorty, but a bit sentimental. Kind of like Cav.

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A slight bombshell on a otherwise 'normal' day in the TDF. 

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OK, I'll talk about the elephant in the room, and then move on. The GC gets interesting, and the sprints, and cycling in general, get kicked in the balls. 

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No. Not okay. 

I'm pissed. 

A great friend and passionate cyclist, Paul Main in studio to help me get through all of the drama of stage 4 of the 2017 Tour de France. 

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I'm a happy camper. 

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Might want to look up Liberace and Jeff Spicoli before listening to today's update on Stage 2. 

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Pat took the dare. Daily Tour de France updates. Here is the first, The Zamboni Day. 

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