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The Packfiller is life on two wheels, from all perspectives in the pack. 

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Apr 28, 2020

Four old bike riders (yes, including Jack), provide advice for the "youngsters" on the marriage of beer and bikes. Oh, and a great discussion on the merits of ZWIFT in a pandemic. 

Apr 20, 2020

A great talk with the one and only Theo de Rooij about his career, "that" Paris Roubaix, team management, and so much more. 

Apr 13, 2020

Pat and Paul doing the best they can in times of pandemic. Drinking beer, watching old races, and saying stuff. This is the audio only version. For the full experience, check out our YouTube channel, or 

Apr 5, 2020

It was supposed to happen. We were supposed to be there. In place, we give you a great discussion with John Galloway from Velocast on the 2004 Ronde, along with why we all continue to love the bike. 

Apr 4, 2020

The Voice himself returns. Dave Towle on The Packfiller talking racing, quarantine, and VR versus IRL, AKA Zwift racing.